Aleixa de Oliveira

Aleixa de Oliveira is a plastic and self-taught artist. In the 1990’s gives up on a future career as an architect and urbanist, to dedicate more of herself exclusively to painting, and thus specialized herself in the art of colouring with colored pencils.

Worked in 1995 and 1996 at “Casa de Leilões Camorim” which belonged to Dr. and auctioneer Aguinaldo Arcanjo Camorim, exhibiting his paintings alongside the works of Tarsila do Amaral and Salvador Dali.

Between the years of 1996 and 1998, he taught painting lessons through the Brazilian television networks: Record, Manchete ( currently Rede Tv) and Gazeta. During this period he was sponsored by the company Faber-Castell;

His works were published by the publishers: Escala - “Arte no lápis de cor”; Publisher Abril, in the magazine- “Mãos de Ouro” and Publisher Minuano;

In 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2007, by the publisher Renovar his works were published as an illustration of the book covers of Drs. Roberto Delamango, Roberto Delmanto Jr. and Fabio Machado de Almeida Delmanto;

In the years 2005 to 2007, Aleixa provided services through her paitings to the company Mercur S/A;

In 2009, gives an interview to Rede Globo Television, for the program Antena Paulista;

She’s also mentioned by the most important database on works of art- Artprice (International Reference in the Art Work Market);

The works began being exhibited and auctioned by the renowned James Lisboa Art Gallery;

In 2010, the publishing market again asked Aleixa de Oliveira for her colored pencil painting works to illustrate the book cover: “Criminal Code Commented” by the editor Saraiva and the book “E assim Floresce o Ipê” , by the publisher Espaço Ideia, also features another of her paintings on the cover;

Continuing the painting work, in 2015 Aleixa produced the work “Faculdade de Direito da Paraíba” for illustration - cover of Drs. Delmanto;

In 2017, in partnership again with Drs. Delmanto, by publsiher Saraiva, the work - “Mosteiro de São Bento-Olinda” is published, as an illustration of the cover of the book - Special Penal Laws Commented;

In the years from 2009 to 2016 at Colégio Ipê in Arujá-SP, the plastic artist taught face-to-face painting classes in the techniques Colored pencils, Watercolor and acrylic painting;

In 2017 and 2018 again in partnership with Drs. Delmanto the works - “Mosteiro de São Bento-Olinda” were published by the publisher Saraiva, which had illustrated the cover of the book - Special Penal Laws Commented and the work - ”Former Jail and Forum Ilha Bela- SP ”, illustrating the cover of the book - Freedom and Prison in the Criminal Procedure;

In 2019, the artist meets another new request from Drs. Delmanto and elaborates the work ”Pinacoteca Fórum das Artes de Botucatu- SP (Former Justice Forum);

Aleixa de Oliveira, currently teaches classes at her studio in Arujá / SP- Brazil, and also through the Artistic Cultural Project - PROVER, attends students and young people with intellectual disabilities that aim to prioritize an ethical educational policy to combat social exclusion by promoting interaction and participation / genuine equalization of opportunities, raising students' self-confidence;

In January 2020 she dedicates herself to periodically applying drawing and painting classes in her new studio in the USA, and also elaborating her works.

She made exhibitions at Teatro Municipal Pascoal Carlos Magno, Mogi das Cruzes (1992); Tennis Club of Campinas (1994); Tennis Club Campos do Jordão (1995 and 1996); Aguinaldo Camorim Art Gallery, São Paulo (1995 and 1996); Expo Center Norte / International Book Biennial (2000); Suzano Cultural Center (2000); Alto Tietê Biennial / Memorial (2001); Londrina Municipal Secretary of Culture (2000); Shopping Colinas in São José dos Campos (2001); Anhembi, São Paulo (2005); James Lisboa Art Gallery (2009 and 2010); Copacabana History and Fort Museum, Rio de Janeiro (2010); Museum of Art of the Parliament of São Paulo (2010); Nove de Julho Palace / Candido Portinari Space in São Paulo-SP (2011); Casa Cor de São Paulo - 2012; Individual exhibition at Octávio Café in SP - 2013; Laerte Biagioli Space in Arujá-SP; CRCSP Cultural Space - 2015 and Carlos Gomes Gallery in Jaguariúna-SP - 2017.

The artist has works in collections in the United States, Chile, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Brazil.