The encounter of São Francisco

Measures: 0.45 x 0.33cm
Applied technique: Watercolor and colored pencils
About: Paper
Year: 2012

"Francisco, synonymous of courage and compassion. He abdicated the opulent earthly life to leave us his greatest fortunes - fraternity and love, in their most diverse forms, in the face of such fortunes, we owe him the origin of the nativity scene, divinely blessed, like settlers shining the scene through the bright nights Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus - the most praiseworthy and Venerable man that ever lived among us. Francis was inspired by Christ and resembled him, and even in deep suffering, his steps followed. Among other charitable deeds, he was admired for his unconditional love for animals. Converting, then, not so dear, loved and remarkable holiness - Saint Francis of Assis. It is through this art and stories of Light, as it is, that I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, full of love, peace and many prosperities. "

Title: "O Encontro de Sio Francisco" • Authorship: Aleixa de Oliveira
Watercolor Color Pencils on It was not by chance that big names of painting like Giotto, El Greco, Caravaggio, Candido Portinari, among others, were inspired by the famous story of São Francisco de Assis, a world icon of fraternity, when painting a work of Art. THE painting titled - The encounter of Saint Francisco, has as its main element compositional, a man on his way holiness itself, by transcending the human for their unconditional love and altruistic, free from any hindrance - a man who did not allow them to change his impetus to practice charity to the needy and to the oppressed, nothing transposed him, there was no detriment that would prevent him from doing so, did not even fear death ... In this sense, which composes and portrays this profile raised to holiness, among so many of his gestures that the story portrays, I like highlight a notorious moment - The encounter with the leper, which is treated as the first reading visual of this painting. At first, my desire is to guide the viewer's gaze, even if quickly, to human frailty, in a state socially considered infected, represented for the isolation of the leper. And as soon as the optics of going towards the reception of extreme charity and compassion involved by the Franciscan gaze, draped in brown and modest mantle that symbolizes simplicity, where it merges with the hope born of the woven rag greenish that cares for the sick body. In artistic representation, such an encounter is not only with the sick person wrapped in his arms, goes beyond this meeting, this happens simultaneously with the encounter of the human with his own holiness by the essence of the act that transcends him. We would say, as to the description of the work, that such a pictured encounter rises towards the heavens and is reflected in light form and in the image of Christ who takes the place and condition of the sick. That instant Francis is blessed and sanctified. His benevolence towards the sick is reflected in the image de Jesus - Cristo Redentor, which, by the way, transmits an atmosphere of Brazilian devotion, in conception of homage and reference to my nationality, amid the rays of divine light that represents the Greater Being - GOD.
Francis was victorious in his noble and divine ideal, in his earthly struggle between so many